DocEye's identification technologies and image processing technologies are the result of collaboration between talented engineers from Russia and Vietnam, making DocEye the most preferred document management software.
Optical Character Recognition Technology OCR
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Optical Character Recognition Technology OCR


OCR technology allows converting image format documents (the photo output of scanners, digital cameras, file photo PDF...) into editable documents (text files, word files, etc.), natural language processing and information dissemination. The application of these technologies to the system helps the management, editing of image documents, and document search becomes simple and convenient Superior features of technology 

-Automatic identification and extraction of information: Documentation when bringing up the system, users choose document type (dispatch, report, decision, or some other format ...), then the documents are OCR recognition to text and automatically extract the information fields needed

- Extraction and identification by user-defined template form: the user defined regions need dissect, then, saved. When putting documents onto the system to select the model documentation system will then automatically identify and extract information in the area is marked in the form -Identification and direct extraction on document: select the file need to extract information then select the photo and assign the image with specific information field, the system will recognize and automatically inserted into the corresponding information fields.