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Handwriting Recognition Technology ICR
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Handwriting Recognition Technology ICR


Handwriting recognition technology, ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) is the translation from handwritten characters into text with characters that a computer can read. ICR technology is a superior development to the printing letter recognition technology (OCR) in level of development. The object identity of ICR technology is the handwriting and the printed word. ICR technology is similar to optical character recognition (OCR) and sometimes used in conjunction with OCR in processing form. 

Handwriting recognition technologies are often used in the identification of the information from the document form. On this documents format, some information was filled out by hand in the fixed position (declarations, registration, tests, etc...). Superior features of technology: 

-The quality of the data entered into the guarantee: due to information being processed by ICR technology; the errors caused by data entry are minimized; data quality is better than keyboard input. -Shorten the data processing time when compared to traditional news entry -Ability to deliver results soon following each section: With ICR technology, we can divide the check the identifiable figures of different stages, each stage just check some fields. Therefor it created the possibility of providing early results by each group targets by the flexible efficient way

-Reduce warehouse costs, premises contain survey document, shelf/price contains slip and both personnel management, preservation of the survey forms: the scanned survey document is completed has been kept in full image formats. So kept the survey document a long time after the import is not necessarily. Outside of the scanner, people who test data only works with the computer without the next survey document so require less ground, which reduces the stress from the lack of ground work in the census. The survey document are not delivered or the translated between the different stitches should not necessarily organizing the shelves/reviews contain survey document for ease of searching, not held to preserve separate ones. Employees who preserve, arrange, delivered are also reduced a lot.