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Optical mark recognition technology OMR
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Optical mark recognition technology OMR


OMR (Optical Mark Recognition): is an optical mark recognition technology on paper in a certain format. This technology can identify special markings that have been marked on paper in pre-determined optical locations. 

It allows the control of some types of image scanners, automatic import and digitization of image data in a well-designed form, checking and adjusting the visual selection on the scanned image and outputting to the form text report to easy access to other data processing software. This technology is often used to process data from questionnaires or quizzes

Superior features of the technology: 

- Technology can recognize different marking sizes with precision and highly flexible. 

- Adjusting the scanned image to compensate for the low quality of the scan 

- Used with a variety of writing tools (pencil, ball point pen, remind pen, ...) 

- Easily check the answer through the use of delete or mark with the size bigger. 

- To avoid misreading images, OMR technology reads based on time markers, so compensate for technical errors of the scanner - Help saving time and money