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Text recognition technology ADRT
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Text recognition technology ADRT


ADRT (Adaptive Document Recognition Technology) is a big step in the document identification technology; an important part and only in ABBYY's OCR techonology. ADRT are used to identify the logical structure, the way to layout as well as the different formats of documents many pages, for example: contents, headers, footers, footnotes, references, photo caption, page numbers ... etc. 

When identification results are saved as Microsoft Word, the format is seen as the corresponding object in the Word, not merely the text block. 

To achieve accuracy in analyzing the logic structure, layout as well as the format of the document is reviewed and processed by the ADRT documents many pages as a general audience rather than as a collection of separate pages. With ADRT technology, the user will be not losed time for the verification results or losed a little.