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FSI donated a document management software DocEye and a set of document forms for enterprises worth VND 9,570,000

FSI donated DocEye document management software and form documents for enterprises worth VND 9,570,000 for customers attending the seminar "Decoding Service Business Management System - from Zero to 2000 revenue Billion"

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FSI presents guests at the seminar "DECISION OF BUSINESS SERVICE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - FROM ZERO TO 2,000 BILLION IN" DocEye document management software and business management documents worth VND 9,570,000. The program applies exclusively to customers attending at the seminar.

Gift set includes:

DocEye document management software

DocEye is a system used to receive, manage, store and distribute all unstructured organizational information to users, to other applications and to the organization's business processes. .

Benefits of DocEye:

- Manage, find and share work documents quickly, not limited by space and time

- Leaders can easily manage and track business documents according to the statistics table.

- Integrated corporate governance documents (form, administrative form, ...)

- Easily create work processes, help manage professional work effectively

- Saving operating management costs for businesses (personnel, printing, management, ...)

- Information is kept secure through detailed authorization mechanism for each user

Start-up kit

All commonly used business form forms include:

- Job description system

- KPI system

- ISO company

-         Work evaluating

-         Administrators

- System of rules and regulations

- Human resource management system

- Accounting and financial management

- Building payroll

- Employee handbook templates


Any questions about using the program please contact:

FSI Commercial Investment and Technology Development Joint Stock Company

Hotline: 0904 805 255