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FSI directed to build a professional work environment, solidarity and openness, creating opportunities for all employees are developing professional skills as well as improving ourselves. Besides, the company has always focused on training activities, nurturing talent and building material and spiritual life of the rich and healthy for all employees. 

All officers and employees of the FSI are always unite to build to make the corporate culture on its own identity. Each employee is a part of FSI, together to build the sustainable development FSI with common sense:

• To customer: Dedication, commitment and flexibility 

• To colleagues: Solidarity, sharing 

• At work: Dynamic, creative, responsible

• To suppliers, partners: Prestige, professional 

• To communities: Sharing, understanding

Business philosophy

• Enthusiastic for the purpose and success of customers.

• Be creative in both thinking and action

• Professional from attitude and working style to professional skills and long-term commitment

• Harmonize the interests of Customers, employees, shareholders, partners and communities