Effective support tools help businesses save cost effectively

The following free tools will provide great support for the work of managers and personnel, from tracking job progress, assigning personnel, assessing employees, teamwork engagement as well as issues. Human resource management. From there they will support cost-effective savings.

1. MarktheJob.com

This is a helpful staff assessment tool for small and medium businesses, and even large businesses with hundreds of employees. With just a few simple steps, managers or personnel will easily perform employee evaluation. The tool sets logical and logical evaluation scores, which makes it easy for managers to see where employees are doing well and what needs to be improved. Once completed, you can download the evaluation file for archiving or send to staff. Very easy and completely free.


2. Zenefits

From now on, HR managers will no longer need to store thousands of employee documents, benefits, insurance, etc. Zenefits is a tool that helps to run HR jobs completely online: from employee reviews, benefits packages, to probation payroll, payroll management, leave management time management, recruitment. , entry new employees … all you can do with Zenefits completely free. Zenefits also has a paid version, but all the most practical and essential features of Human Resources are available in the free version.

3. 15Five

15Five is a great online tool to update the status of managers and employees, so that managers know what employees do and feel every week. Employees will update their performance during the week, the challenges they encounter and their thoughts on work, and managers can help their employees overcome those obstacles by bringing invent ideas or recommend / recommend people who can help them.

The interface of 15Five is extremely user-friendly and like a miniature social network, employees update their achievements, difficulties or thoughts and managers can send congratulatory comments and suggestions under the update that.

You can use the free Trial version for 14 days.

4. DocEye

DocEye is a system used to receive, manage, store and distribute all unstructured organizational information to users, to other applications and to the organization’s business processes. .

DocEye has the main feature of collecting and managing document information, systematizing documents according to customers’ needs, creating favorable conditions for searching and searching documents. Also with DocEye, leaders can easily manage the tracking of corporate documents according to the statistics table. Saving operating management costs for businesses (personnel, printing, management, …)

Specifically, this is a software developed by Vietnamese so you can rest assured that the interface is 100% Vietnamese, very easy to use.

Free trial version right here

Features of DocEye

5. Apptivo

Apptivo Project Management is a useful task management app, the free version of Apptivo is 500 MB (the paid version has a capacity of up to 3.5GB). Therefore, small teams can take advantage of this software for free. With Apptivo, managers and employees can manage the work they are in charge, track the progress and deadline of each project, track goods, products, issue invoices to customers, public reports. jobs and hundreds of other gadgets.

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