Introducing DocEye overview

DocEye is a system used to acquire, manage, store and distribute all of the organization information to users, to other applications..

Besides, DocEye is flexible to customize according to the administrative needs of each customer with the process of document storage, information extraction, almost completely automated.

*In particular, non-structured information includes: forms such as documents, video, audio, email, reports exported from business applications,...

Outstanding advantages

DocEye saves time searching for documents

DocEye integrates full text search, PDF searchable and advanced search, which helps you to search conveniently documents with just a key word and a click,to search content unlimited
DocEye giúp tiết kiệm chi phí lưu trữ và quản lý tài liệu
  • DocEye manages digital documents scientifically, helps to minimize the storage of hard documents that take up storage space and management personnel. At the same time, the documents are less likely to be damaged during use, thereby saving document restoration costs.
  • DocEye has a built-in 3D warehouse management feature, which allows you to know exactly which shelf your document is stored in, which shortens the search time and saves staffing costs. in storage.
Saving operating costs
DocEye helps businesses reduce the cost of printing, storing and preserving documents in the traditional way.
Unlimited sharing of information
DocEye has a mechanism for sharing documents safely, securely and quickly via the internet environment. You can share documents unlimited time, location in just one click. This helps to manage and run the business effectively.
Safe storage, absolute security
DocEye has a multi-layer security mechanism and detailed authorization to each user of the system to keep documents secure during operation.
Try it now to experience DocEye's information management and documenting power!