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Signing ceremony of a strategic cooperation agreement between FSI and 129 Co., Ltd. - Government Cipher Committee

(Hanoi) - At 14:00, Friday August 30, 2019, at the Meeting Hall of Limited Liability Company 129, at 51 Quan Nhan Street, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi, the signing ceremony of a strategic cooperation agreement between 129 Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of Government Cipher Committee and FSI Technology Development and Trading Investment Joint Stock Company took place.

Signing ceremony of a strategic cooperation agreement between FSI and 129 Co.,Ltd. 

The ceremony was witnessed by Major General Nguyen Nam Hai - Deputy Head of Government Cipher Committee together with representatives of agencies and units of the Government Cipher Committee: Institute of Crypto Science and Technology, Department of Science and Technology, Department of Cryptography Technical Management, Department of Civil Cryptography Management and Cryptographic Product Testing, Department of Politics - Organization, Office,…

According to experts in the field of information security and safety, now digital transformation, developing e-government and building smart cities is not just a trend but has officially become a development strategy of Vietnam in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Digital transformation, developing e-government and building smart cities is a step that all Vietnamese agencies, organizations and businesses must take if they do not want to be left behind. However, this process is always associated with many challenges and risks. In particular, information security risks issues are a top priority.

Established since 12/5/1993, 129 Co., Ltd, is a defense and security enterprise with 100% state owned capital under the Government Cipher Committee with main activities in fields: Consulting, designing, building systems to ensure safety and information security for state agencies, social and political organizations; provide civil cryptographic products and services and network information security products and services in accordance with law; always tries their best to perform the assigned tasks in order to bring the best solutions for information security to units and organizations.

To support its mission, 129 Co., Ltd- Government Cipher Committee recognizes that FSI Technology Development and Trading Investment Joint Stock Company as competence, experience and strengths in providing digital products, services, solutions, building software and creating databases. FSI also has many strengths in building Big Data, AI and Blockchain in Vietnam. Therefore, 129 Co., Ltd. - Government Cipher Committee decided to cooperate with FSI to bring information security, safety and quality solutions to customers, agencies, organizations and businesses.

The signing of the agreement and strategic cooperation between the two sides will create great strengths, high competitiveness, bring optimal benefits and efficiency to customers in the market provide products and services in digital transformation, e-government development, Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, artificial intelligence (AI), block chain technology (Blockchain) and smart cities; meet the needs of organizations, businesses and individuals in the information security and safety market in service of socio- economic development in Vietnam.

Mr. Nguyen Hung Son - General Director of FSI signed a cooperation agreement with Company 129

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Mr. Major General Nguyen Nam Hai - Deputy Head of the Government Cipher Committee emphasized: “The issue of cyber crime, high-tech crime, especially in the field of finance and banking, has transcended the national security scope of a country, has become a global challenge, a direct threat. national security of countries, including Vietnam. In particular, cybercriminals are focusing on the vulnerabilities of small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) to spread on multiple computers and pave the way for large-scale attacks. Meanwhile, the number of SMEs in Vietnam accounts for 98.1% and these businesses often do not invest as much in information technology as large corporations and multinational corporations.”

“The signing of the agreement between 129 Co., Ltd and FSI today will contribute to minimize concerns for organizations and businesses on cyber attacks, the ability to control information ... in the process of digital transformation, e-government development, Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity, big data (BigData), artificial intelligence (AI) and smart cities are developing strongly today. ”- Mr. Hai emphasized.

Also at the signing ceremony, Mr. Pham Manh Tuan - Chairman / Director of 129 Co., Ltd added: “After a period of seeking partners, we found that the solutions of FSI were designed to meet the Technical requirements in building security solutions, information security today, so we chose FSI to accompany in this regard. We hope the cooperation with FSI in consulting and implementing projects on security, safety, information security and digitalization in the socio-economic field will contribute to the prevention. cyber attacks, at the same time overcome and reduce the damage that cybercriminals cause to organizations and businesses ”.

Mr. Pham Manh Tuan - Chairman / Director of 129 Company spoke at the ceremony

Mr. Nguyen Hung Son - General Director of FSI also said: “The Government Cipher Committee is the national cryptographic agency, responsible for assisting the Minister of Defense in performing the state management of cipher. having the function of advising the Party and the State on cipher work; contribute to the absolute guarantee of secrecy, safety, accuracy and timeliness in service of the Party's leadership, State management, direction and command of the people's armed forces in all situations; proactively prevent participation in the fight with code-detecting activities detrimental to national security, the interests of the State, the legitimate rights and interests of agencies, organizations and individuals. Therefore, FSI is very honored and proud to be trusted and cooperated with 129 Co., Ltd of the Government Cipher Committee in implementing projects on security, safety and information security. and digitizing. I believe that this cooperation will help the implementation of information security projects at agencies and businesses to be absolutely safe against cyber attacks."

Immediately after the signing ceremony of this strategic cooperation agreement, 129 Co. Ltd and FSI will jointly develop specific cooperation plans such as consulting, implementing security and information security solutions (the hardware, software and integrated products); Provide products and services in the process of digital transformation, digitalization and services to ensure security, safety and security for databases (BigData); Monitoring and evaluating security and information security for an information technology system of a customer organization, restoring data when an incident occurs.