Excellent D-IONE digitizing system achieved Top 10 Make in Vietnam – “Excellent digital product”

The Make in Viet Nam digital technology award ceremony in the framework of the Vietnam National Forum on Digital Technology Business Development was held on 12 23, 2020. FSI’s D-IONE digitizing system excellently achieved Top 10 Make in Vietnam – “Excellent digital product” awarded by Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc and Ministry of Information and Communication.

The award “Make in Viet Nam digital technology” 2020 is the first award organized by the Ministry of Information and Communications. The award is organized to encourage enterprises to research and create digital products, contribute to the development of digital government, digital economy, digital society, and digital nation creation.

Participants will be evaluated according to two general criteria: Design, Creativity in Vietnam and Solve Vietnamese problems. The award is divided into 5 categories: Outstanding Digital Platform Award, Excellent Digital Product Award, Excellent Digital Solution Award; The Award for Narrow the Digital Gap (urban – rural, support the disadvantaged, limit the downside of digital technology) and potential Digital Product Award

According to the Minister of Information and Communications at the launch of the Make in Vietnam digital product award on 8 19, 2020: “For the first time, we organize a national award for the product. digital technology with large scale nationwide, bringing together all individuals, organizations and enterprises in the ICT world of the country. This is the highest award in the industry ”.

With such scale and stature, winning the award “Make in Vietnam digital technology” is an honor and pride for all products and units that won the award.

D-IONE digitizing system is honored to achieve Top 10 Make in Vietnam

The review criteria are Make in Vietnam products this year include: creative design in Vietnam; have originality; technology and quality assurance; the core stage is done by Vietnamese people; Easy to use, easy to adapt and customize. The solutions must solve Vietnam’s problems, have the ability to affect the socio-economic situation in the country as well as expand to international markets.

From 239 nominations, over 3 months of rigorous review, preliminary review, presentation and appraisal, the Organizing Committee has selected 50 products to be in the Top 10 Make in Vietnam awards. In which, the D-IONE digitizing system researched and developed by FSI Trading Investment and Technology Development Joint Stock Company honored Top 10 Make in Vietnam in the category “Excellent digital product”.

FSI’s D-IONE digitizing software won the Top 10 Make in Vietnam award in the category “Excellent digital product”.

D-IONE is a smart document digitization deployment system that enables units and organizations to process and create large, high-quality databases in a short time with economical cost. At the same time, it is the information and data management system that helps units and organizations improve work efficiency, save operating costs and increase competitiveness.

In addition, D-IONE has built-in advanced 4.0 technologies such as: Smart and secure input tools, workflow processing tools on document management platform, and receiving technologies. image processing (OCR), Handwriting Recognition (ICR), Trace Recognition (OMR), Text Recognition (ADRT),… technology file compression, machine learning technology, deep learning, … data synchronization and sharing, data encryption help the system improve accuracy and save time creating large databases ( Big Data) for customers.

D-IONE is highly appreciated by the jury for its effectiveness in creating a database for customers. Accordingly, D-IONE helps organizational units create databases to save more than 50% of implementation costs, more than 80% of time and resources compared to the digital method to create traditional databases. .

In addition, according to the evaluation board, D-IONE comes from the actual needs of the market, the needs of customers, to adjust and upgrade its products for optimal users. Therefore, in addition to the technological factor, D-IONE is highly appreciated by the Board of Directors by the development potential of the product.

At present, D-IONE solution has successfully implemented many key digitization projects for ministries, departments and branches in the fields of civil status, land, environmental resources, auditing, … with many corporate customers. big such as Honda, Pepsico, DB Schenker, Big C,… and are highly appreciated by customers.

Talking about the D-IONE digitization system, Mr. Cao Hoang Anh – Deputy General Director of FSI Trade Investment and Technology Development Joint Stock Company said: “This year’s award is really a big game with many challenges. information for all participating entities. Achieving the top 10 of the category “Excellent digital product” with companies such as VNPT, FPT, Viettel is a proud achievement of FSI. At the same time, this is also a great opportunity for companies to improve their products through valuable comments from experts ”.

At the same time, Mr. Hoang Anh also said: “Achieving the top 10 Make in Vietnam is a recognition for the efforts and proves the development direction of FSI is right. At the same time, FSI will continue to maintain the target and mission of choosing “Constantly innovating and innovating Vietnamese technology solutions – World-class level to help Vietnamese organizations and enterprises reach the international level and contribute to the National flourishing part “.

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