FSI celebrates its 14th birthday safely amid the pandemic

On 11 6, 2021, all FSI officers and staffs together towards the 14th birthday event – an event that ensures compliance with 5K rules of epidemic prevention, creating a cozy and safe party. safe, fun for guests as well as staff.

Join the event, but all employees do not forget to do 5K fully

To celebrate the official anniversary of turning 15, FSI organized a small but very warm and meaningful exchange program at the office according to the “5K standard”: Masks, Disinfection, Medical Declaration Economical, Distance, Not crowded.

This is a big event of the year and has a very special meaning for each employee in the company. Especially because it is an opportunity for everyone to look back together on the journey of the past 14 years and especially because it was organized in the context of the Covid-19 epidemic.

Portraits of some FSI family members displayed at the event

14 years is a long journey full of hardships and challenges. With the spirit of “Fast – Creative – Sure to win”, FSI always tries to fulfill the mission of “Continuously innovating and creating Vietnamese technology solutions – World class contributing to the development of the country and helping the Vietnamese organizations and enterprises reach international level”. With outstanding achievements, FSI is proud to be one of the reputable digital transformation solution providers recognized by the Government as well as many major partners during the past 14 years.

Due to the complicated situation of the Covid-19 epidemic in Hanoi, this anniversary is held safely at the company’s office on the 5A floor, Lam Vien Building, Cau Giay, Hanoi with colorful colors. red cozy, close, characteristic.

The beginning of the birthday series of activities is the contest “You are skillful, I am also skillful“. This is the part where the FSIers show their talents and show off their skillful hands. All the competing teams had excellent and impressive performances. Each product contains meaningful messages and wishes about FSI. Final results:

The product won the first prize in the contest “You are skillful, I am also skillful”

The product won the second prize in the contest “You are skillful, I am also skillful”

Two products won the second prize in the contest “You are skillful, I am also skillful”

Even at the event, FSI also organized awards for employees participating in the program “FSI 14 years old love”. Through the program, many talents of FSI-ers were revealed such as: Rap, write poetry, dance TikTok, strut… The wishes are all very meaningful and full of affection from the members to the great FSI family. .

Photos awarded at the event:

At the event, Mr. Nguyen Khoa Bao – Chairman of the Board of Directors of FSI affirmed that in order to achieve the successes like today, FSI is always grateful for the trust of partners and customers, especially the contribution. themselves of the staff.

The event ended with commemorative photos, with everyone’s cultural exchange.

Precious moments on the 14-year journey of FSI

This year’s celebration party is limited in size compared to previous years because of the epidemic situation, but FSI still receives the support and many meaningful wishes from our dear partners and customers, as well as the participation of our loyal customers. members of the management and staff of FSI.

FSI would like to express our sincerest thanks to our customers, partners, and employees who have accompanied FSI during the past time. 14 years is a long way, the road ahead is definitely still full of challenges. FSI with the spirit of enthusiasm and solidarity will develop and bring effective digital transformation solutions with high applicability. Constantly developing, constantly creating to reach new goals. That will be the operating principle and long-term goal of every employee in the company.

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