FSI is excellent in receiving the Top Vietnam Leading Software Enterprise Award at Vietnam ICT Outlook 2019

Ho Chi Minh City, 10 30, 2019, FSI was honored to win the Top Software Award in Vietnam in 2019 and was honored in the series of Vietnam ICT Outlook – VIO Fintech 2019.

Vietnam ICT Outlook – VIO with the theme “Shaping the future of Fintech Vietnam” held at White Palace, 194 Hoang Van Thu, Q. Phu Nhuan, Ho Chi Minh City attracted the participation of more than 1,000 participants and 30 Exhibition booths from banks, Fintech companies, IT enterprises.

VIO is a big technology event, held annually for technology, finance, banking, state management agencies, industry associations and experts from Singapore, Hong Kong, China, … share opportunities, challenges and find solutions to promote the development of digital ecosystems, AI and IoT, security, blockchain …

VIO 2019 wishes to contribute a part to the plan to build Ho Chi Minh City to become a regional financial center with the latest technology platforms, Fintech applications and in accordance with the actual situation.

Developing ideas, proposing innovative and breakthrough solutions

In Vietnam, 80% of technology, media & telecommunications businesses and 75% of financial services businesses are creating new jobs related to Fintech. However, 42% of businesses in these two industries are having difficulty adapting to the appropriate technology selection and improving their competitiveness.

At present, financial technology is developing rapidly and strongly, profoundly changing the way and business models creating new opportunities. Along with the development of the digital economy, the financial sector has long been an industry of application of digital technology in operations through the digitization of financial services. Thanks to technology, Fintech companies can compete directly with traditional financial institutions thanks to more innovative products and technologies, provide faster service or focus on the scientific management of organizations. Traditional financial institutions have not met yet .

In this context, being aware of the role and importance of technology in technology industry activities, FSI – the leading digital transformation solution provider in Vietnam and the top software company in Vietnam has brought technological solutions with the desire to support Fintech-related activities to help technology enterprises to approach the latest trends and technologies and enhance their competitiveness.

Excellent 4.0 technologies contribute to FSI’s success

Within the framework of the event, the TOP ICT 2019 Award is held annually by the Ho Chi Minh City Computer Association (HCA) and awarded with a national stature, based on technological capacity and sales criteria achieved by enterprises and products and services to participate in the growth rate of over 40% annually.

This is a prestigious award to evaluate, rank and honor, affirming the efforts and development of the leading ICT units in Vietnam. The award has contributed significantly to promoting the image of products and services of participating businesses as well as bringing IT to businesses and consumers, thereby creating incentives for businesses to develop.

Overcoming many “strong” competitors at home and abroad and bringing to the main presentation at VIO 2019, the excellent 4.0 technologies helped FSI honorably receive prestigious awards including:

Digitization solution to create D-IONE database: Built according to ISO / IEC 27001: 2015 information security standard with QR Code technology, automatic identification and information extraction technology helping Organizing units create databases save 50% of deployment costs, 80% of time and resources compared to the digitized method of creating traditional databases.

IONE automatic identification and information extraction technology: Building on core technologies: OCR print recognition, ICR handwriting recognition technology, ADRT text recognition technology, OMR signature recognition technology .. help identify accurate information automatically> 95% support to create databases (Big Data) becomes simple. IONE integrates many smart technologies such as natural language processing technology to automatically extract information, machine learning, deep learning, AI, IoT, etc. to help improve accuracy for individual customer operations.

DocEye document management software: DocEye integrates modern identification technologies to manage the organization’s digital data professionally, saving searching time, searching information and supporting units. in decision making. Besides,

DocEye integrates more process creation – procedures, statistical reports, helps businesses operate and manage work on the same platform conveniently.

These products and services that FSI brings to customers are highly appreciated for their ability to apply to digital conversion thanks to the ability to handle large databases (Big Data), and integrate the information technology. In addition, there is a mechanism of machine learning, deep learning, AI, IoT, … to help improve the accuracy of specific customer operations. FSI’s solutions have been applied by thousands of large and small customers and are highly appreciated for their features and efficiency.


This award is a recognition of FSI’s efforts and achievements in researching and delivering practical technological solutions as well as a great encouragement for all FSI employees. FSI will constantly strive for the best innovative technology products and services to serve the needs of our customers, contributing to the success of our customers as well as efforts for the development of Ho City. Chi Minh in particular and the whole society in general.

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