FSI is honored to be listed in the Top 10 Reputable Technology Companies Providing Services, Software Solutions & System Integration in 2021

On 1 20, 2021, FSI was one of the Top 10 Reputable Technology Companies Providing Services, Software Solutions & System Integration in 2021 voted by Vietnam Report. This is an eloquent proof of FSI’s position in terms of financial strength as well as prestige among experts, as well as in the eyes of consumers.

FSI nằm trong Top 10 Công ty Công nghệ Cung cấp Dịch vụ, Giải pháp Phần mềm & Tích hợp hệ thống uy tín năm 2021

Criteria to become Top 10 Technology Company providing services, software solutions and system integration prestige

The list of Top 10 prestigious companies in the media is an independent and objective research result of Vietnam Report, which has been published annually since 2012, based on the Media Coding method in the media. , combining in-depth research into key industries with high growth potential.

Vietnam Report will evaluate based on the results of the financial assessment of the business, evaluate the reputation of the business in a scientific and independent manner, based on the financial results, evaluate in the media by means of Media coding, and survey of businesses, technology industry experts. Specifically, the criteria are as follows:

  • Production and business results, financial capacity of enterprises, compared, contrasted and evaluated with industry standards.
  • Based on the evaluation and scoring results of the Professional Council, the Expert Questionnaire, the Business Questionnaire and the Consumer Questionnaire about the brand.
  • Based on the quantitative analysis model of the brand’s media reputation, the content posted about the business on reputable media.

Accordingly, Vietnam Report conducts coding of articles written about Technology companies published on influential newspapers in Vietnam. Articles are analyzed and evaluated at the story level (story level) about 24 specific operational aspects of companies from products, business results, markets… to activities and reputation. of company leaders

Excellent 4.0 technologies contribute to the success of FSI

Việc lọt vào Top 10 Công ty Công nghệ cung cấp dịch vụ, giải pháp phần mềm và tích hợp hệ thống uy tín đã thể hiện được năng lực của FSI trên thị trường

Currently, FSI main business activities in the following areas: Providing total document digitization solutions; consulting and providing digital transformation solutions; provide software and technology solutions; system integration and technical services; provide digitization service equipment. After more than 14 years of operation, FSI is affirming strong steps in Digital Transformation, by providing the most optimal digital technology products, solutions and services on the basis of understanding the needs of customers. customers and actual trends of the times.

Besides, FSI always focuses on researching and mastering technologies for digital transformation to save time, cost, improve efficiency for customers and improve competitiveness. Up to now, FSI has served thousands of typical customers; implementing thousands of key projects of ministries, departments, branches, state authorities nationwide and large projects for multinational corporations based in Vietnam such as Honda, Pepsi, Big C, Casablanca,… FSI’s solutions are always highly appreciated by customers.

As a pioneer in applying new technologies to develop solutions to meet the 4.0 revolution, FSI’s products and solutions solve the overall problem for businesses from infrastructure to infrastructure. Platform to application, security for businesses.

Being named in the ranking shows the efforts of nearly 300 FSI employees in business, customer care or product and service quality improvement, customer experience enhancement… to serve more benefits for customers and fulfill FSI’s social service mission. At the same time, it affirms FSI’s position in the ranks of leading leading technology companies in Vietnam: FPT, CMC, MISA, ELCOM, HPT, HIPT,… and is the driving force for FSI to persistently pursue its goals. By 2023, FSI will become the top 10 digital transformation solution provider in Southeast Asia.

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