FSI is honored to win 3 awards “Top 10 Vietnam ICT Enterprises in 2021”

Leaving behind the peripheral barriers of 2021, FSI is still a business with good growth rate with many recognized achievements. On 10 9, 2021, FSI excellently received 3 awards of Top 10 E-Government Solution Providers, Top 10 Service Providers, Digital Transformation Solutions and Top 10 BPO Services by the Association. Vinasa awarded.

FSI is honored to receive 3 awards at the Top 10 Vietnamese IT Enterprises in 2021

FSI honored in Top 10 Vietnam ICT Enterprises

The program TOP 10 Vietnam IT Enterprises 2021 launched in 4 to vote to honor the most prestigious and capable units in our country. This is an annual program organized by the Vietnam Software and IT Services Association (VINASA). The program has received 194 nominations in 18 fields from 167 businesses, an increase of 14% in the number of nominations and 67% in the number of participating businesses compared to 2020.

With the innovation of the contest method, all activities of applying for participation, presentation, assessment, grading, voting TOP 10 are done 100% online. This year’s contest is considered more competitive because the number of participating units has increased from 62 cities. Although divided into 18 categories, each category only selects 10 typical faces with stricter appraisal criteria in terms of growth, revenue, profit, human resources, market share, technological capabilities and most are activities that demonstrate corporate social responsibility…

Mr. Truong Gia Binh, Head of the Organizing Committee, Chairman of the Founding Council of VINASA affirmed: “In the spirit of promoting internal resources, creativity and burning aspiration for a powerful Vietnam, information technology enterprises believe that it is necessary to seize the opportunity, shoulder the responsibility of pioneering and taking the initiative in the process of digital transformation, building a prosperous and prosperous country. TOP 10 IT enterprises must be the core and pioneer force to shoulder this great responsibility.

Mr. Cao Hoang Anh – Deputy General Director of FSI was honored to receive the TOP 10 award for two consecutive years of providing services and solutions for digital transformation.

As a leading enterprise in the field of providing digital transformation solutions in Vietnam, FSI has excellently surpassed more than 194 product nominations at the contest to stand on the podium in 3 categories of Top 10 Enterprise Providers. providing E-Government Solutions; Top 10 Enterprises Providing Services, Digital Transformation Solutions and Top 10 BPO Services.

FSI won 3 major awards in the Top 10 thanks to its comprehensive digital transformation and development strategy

At this participation, FSI was highly appreciated by the council for its strong technology infrastructure, experienced staff, and many achievements in research and development of technology products and solutions to solve problems. Solve the problem of digitization, practical digital transformation for businesses.

Typical solutions that are highly appreciated in this competition of FSI can include BPO Services. FSI’s BPO services comply with ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and ISO 9001: 2015 quality management standards to help businesses reduce the load of operations that consume a lot of effort, time and money such as: Document handling, data entry, data processing quickly and accurately at a cost many times more economical than manual implementation.

FSI received the award of Top 10 BPO Services. FSI’s BPO service is deployed quickly and accurately, helping businesses save time and improve work efficiency

In addition to providing a force of more than 3000 well-trained and experienced deployment personnel, using modern digitizing equipment and 4 facilities in Hanoi, Da Nang, Can Tho, and Ho Chi Minh to meet To meet the needs of implementing digitization nationwide, a special feature in FSI’s BPO service is the integration of modern data processing technologies (Machine Learning, Deep Learning, …) and the creation of Big Data to help shorten the data entry process, process data automatically, for high accuracy. From there, building the most lean digital data platform, allowing enterprises and organizations to exploit more easily.

In addition, in the process of digital transformation consulting for businesses and organizations, FSI realized that the barriers that make it difficult for businesses in digital transformation today are mainly due to the high cost of digital technology application, human apprehension due to low technology usage, lack of infrastructure, fear of data leakage, lack of overview of digital transformation roadmap…

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