FSI is in the Top 500 fastest growing enterprises in Vietnam for the second consecutive time

FSI is honored to rank 75th at the FAST500 Ranking 2022, along with other prominent names in many different fields.

On 3 9, 2022, Vietnam Report Joint Stock Company (Vietnam Report) cooperated with VietNamNet Newspaper to announce the FAST500 Ranking – Top 500 fastest growing enterprises in Vietnam in 2022. Entering the year 12th on the way to finding the Top factors that contribute the most to the overall development of the economy, FAST500 demonstrates the prestige of a significant ranking when calling out many well-known names in the development race in the Vietnamese market.

Statistics of Vietnam Report on compound growth indexes by economic sector in the period of 2019 – 2022 (Source: FAST500 2022 – Vietnam Report)

The list is built on the principles of objectivity, accurately assessing the growth rate of a company based on the primary indicator-the compound growth rate (CAGR) of revenue. In addition, businesses are also evaluated on many other criteria such as total assets, equity, profit before tax, corporate reputation in the media, and extra factors to determine the scale and the enterprise’s position in the market segment in which it operates.

Within the framework of the FAST500 2022 report, Vietnam Report also stated that the revenue growth rate of businesses in the period 2017 – 2020 had slowed down because of the pandemic and its consequences. Furthermore, many negative development indicators of the economy, such as the compound revenue growth rate of economic sectors, the revenue growth rate of FAST500 enterprises, etc. Despite giving optimistic assessments about the socio-economic situation in the new era, FAST500 is still cautious in proposing policies to the Government so that businesses can have a better operating environment.

FSI have the second consecutive time “IN TOP”

In the report, despite the difficulties of the Covid pandemic, FSI reached the top of the fastest growing companies for the second time in a row with 75th position, up 75 places compared to 150th position in 2021. To achieve this success, FSI has made effective business improvements in the past year and brought huge profits and outstanding development to be honored in the prestigious FAST500 2022 ranking, contributing to affirming the position as the leading technology company in Vietnam.

To get the title of Top 500 fastest growing enterprises in Vietnam, FSI has taken advantage of strengths in many areas that are indispensable trends of the times: providing digital transformation solutions for business; process optimization and intelligent storage; Besides, the company advocates applying many intellectual advanced technologies into products and services.

FSI is the leader in providing superior solutions to support digital transformation

Despite many difficulties in operating businesses and facing the slowing growth of the economy in general, with available specialized technology and innovative and suitable products and services, this is once again a golden time and a period of great development for FSI, when the company’s digital products proved to be effective and trendy at a time when employees tend to work from home, fearful of disease.

Besides focusing on product development, FSI also aims at our own identity by building a professional, united, open company culture and a friendly and ideal working environment for employees. In addition, the company also pays great attention to projects for the society and the future sustainable development of the country when developing cooperation with many public administration institutions and higher education institutions on a national scale.

WEONE Business Automation System is a prominent product of FSI this epidemic season (see more at: https://weone.vn/)

Contributing to Vietnam Report’s Top 500 Fastest-Growing Enterprises in 2022 is an honor of FSI, a recognition of the collective efforts to build a strong business and a prosperous society of all employees, demonstrating the company’s reliable expertise, thereby opening up many great opportunities for advancement and great cooperation for FSI. FSI commits to fulfilling the mission: “Constantly innovating and creating Vietnamese technology solutions – World-class, contributing to the development of the country and helping Vietnamese organizations and businesses reach the international level.

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