FSI shows digital transformation solutions to contribute to building the digital economy at the HCMC Economic Forum 2022

On 4 15, at the Economic Forum Ho Chi Minh City 2022, organized by the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City, FSI is honored to demonstrate viable digital transformation products to develop businesses and the digital economy.

FSI introduced outstanding digital transformation solutions: WEONE, V-IONE, D-IONE.. to leaders of ministries and departments at the technology booth.

Digital Economy – the motivation to impulse the development of socioeconomic.

The Ho Chi Minh City Economic Forum (HEF) is an annual international event hosted by the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City. It intends to receive contributions from national and international speakers and experts to look for a standard model for digital transformation; develop mechanisms and policies for digital transformation further to develop the digital economy in Ho Chi Minh City.

HEF 2022 was solemnly held at Vinpearl Luxury Landmark 81 – 720A Dien Bien Phu, Ward 22, Binh Thanh District, HCM City. The event has a scale of up to 900 guests with the participation of leaders of the Vietnamese government, ministries, and branches; Representatives of diplomatic missions; Economic experts and digital economy; significant domestic and foreign enterprises and corporations.

Overview: HEF 2022 – annual international event in Ho Chi Minh City (Source: Saigon Investment Finance Newspaper)

“Digital economy” is an attractive topic for domestic and foreign businesses. HEF 2022 revolves around the following issues: General picture of digital transformation in enterprises in Ho Chi Minh City, vision and aspiration to 2030; Designing appropriate policies for digital economic development in Ho Chi Minh City: 2025 orientation and image to 2030; Digital transformation to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises: challenges and solutions; Digital transformation in enterprises: experiences and successful lessons of domestic and international enterprises.

Having achieved many outstanding achievements with outstanding revenue even when the Covid-19 pandemic affected the world, FSI was honored to be trusted by the Organizing Committee to give the right to demonstrate the ecosystem of digital transformation products, including the best quality and optimal outcomes, helping to solve technical problems of units and businesses.

In addition, the event also had the presence of 19 stalls displaying technology products from the “big guys” in the industry, such as FPT, Viettel, VNPT, FSI…

FSI become a companion with the development of the digital economy for HCMC

Coming to the Ho Chi Minh City Economic Forum, FSI has the honor to bring solutions and digital transformation products with 4.0 technology content, giving orientations and proposals for cooperation on digital transformation following needs; practical situations contribute to supporting Ho Chi Minh City to successfully implement the digital transformation program with the goal that by 2025, the digital economy will account for 25% and by 2030 account for 40% of HCMC’s GRDP.

This is a great responsibility and honor of FSI when accompanying TP. Ho Chi Minh City digital transformation and digital economy development, promoting economic growth and improving science and technology. Mr. Bui Ngoc Binh – Director of FSI, shared with leaders and customers visiting the booth: “With technological capabilities and a team of experienced experts, FSI wishes to accompany Ho Chi Minh City in particular and the whole world. The country, in general, realizes the goal of developing the digital economy of Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh City by 2025, with a vision for 2030, including the following pillars: digital human resources; digital technology, digital infrastructure; digital institutions; digital economy in the financial sector.

In addition, FSI is also committed to accompanying and giving many incentives in providing technology solutions to service units, organizations, and businesses in Ho Chi Minh City.”

FSI’s solution group will accompany the development of the digital economy

Participating in this event, FSI brings visitors products and solutions developed by Vietnamese hands, which customers can practically apply in daily work and IT application in connection, production, management, and business in all fields. The highlights of FSI’s solutions are all products that specifically solve Vietnamese problems, easy to upgrade and integrate without much cost.

FSI’s digital transformation products left many impressions at the event, especially in the transformation of the digital economy in Ho Chi Minh City.

The WEONE Business Automation System helps businesses convert digitally, saving time operating costs, minimizing unnecessary administrative procedures, getting more attention from both companies and organizations, and efficiently controlling the operation of the entire system,… It helps employees save time in completing courses and allows managers and leaders to easily monitor and compare every job that arises through a 24/7 online platform.

The WEONE business automation system was recently ranked five stars at the prestigious Sao Khue 2022 award. The product continues to develop more technology utilities for multi-industry businesses in Vietnam.

Besides, the VIONE exhibition booth is a technology to convert Vietnamese audio and voice files to text with up to 98% accuracy. Instead of spending hours listening and retyping the text, VIONE helps you have the complete text immediately after just a few straightforward steps. The software supports users well at important meetings with much information to store, saving much time issuing documents and decisions instead of manual operations.

In 2019, VIONE won the first prize of the Vietnamese Talent Award, honored to receive a letter of commendation from the Secretary-General of the National Assembly at the 7th session, the XIV National Assembly, 2019.

In addition, DIONE – the Top 10 Make in Vietnam digitization technology platform that helps deploy units, process, and create large, high-quality databases in a short time with cost savings is also highly evaluated at the event. D-IONE integrates automatic identification and extraction technology during database creation, saving 50% of deployment costs and 80% of the time for creating digital data and records, helping to exploit information quickly and efficiently, saving storage, personnel, and operating costs.

Stall image: WEONE – Digital Transformation solution received much attention from guests attending the event

Speaking at the FSI booth, Mr. Bui Ngoc Binh – Director of FSI, shared: “FSI is committed to ensuring the highest resources, a team of experts with the best knowledge and experience, and public platforms and solutions. Advanced technology helps businesses automate work processes, optimize organizational management, and solve time and cost problems in business management and administration, thereby assisting companies in Ho Chi Minh City to speed up digital transformation and enhance competitiveness.

In addition, FSI is also committed to long-term companionship with businesses in using products, regularly upgrading, maintaining and updating new features to give customers the best user experience “– Mr. Share more at the event.

Ho Chi Minh City Economic Forum 2022 closed, opening up opportunities to promote the expansion of digital transformation solutions and models, contributing to the development of the digital economy in particular and the economy in general. FSI believes that its solutions and products can help businesses digitally transform simply, successfully, and effectively, bringing profits to businesses.

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