FSI to win the “Vietnam Digital Award 2019”

9 6, 2019, at Hanoi Opera House, FSI technology development and trading
investment joint stock company was honored to win the “Typical Digital Technology Vietnam” (Vietnam Digital Award 2019) by Vietnam Association of Digital
Communications awarded

FSI to win the “Vietnam Digital Award 2019”

Vietnam Digital Award is an annual prestigious prize in technology and digital transformation to honor individuals and organizations that have made important contributions to the nation’s digital transformation.

Evaluation criteria and awarding prize based on features / functions of products, services, solutions, technology, security and quality of products and services; the prominence of the product compared to other similar products on the market; application potential; evaluate the effectiveness of the conversion process by revenue and market share; prestige capacity of the unit, business owner …

Because this is a prestigious technology award so right from its launch in 3 2019, the award has attracted the attention of many technology organizations. Out of 245 records were sent, surpassing many competitors, based on evaluation, censorship on performance, technology, applicability and efficiency to customers, and the number of customers actually used, document management software DocEye has successfully received the award “Typical Digital Technology Products and Services 2019”

DocEye has successfully received the award “Typical Digital Technology Products and Services 2019”

Participating in the award “Vietnam Digital Award 2019”, DocEye is highly appreciated by the jury for practical features with the actual needs of customers such as:

– Managing search and share documents, unlimited space, time, distance

– Creating easy workflow according to the actual operation of customers

– Maximum automation document information gathering based on the integration of identification and extraction information technology

IONE technology integrated on DocEye makes automatic information identification and extraction highly accurate > 95%. This makes DocEye improve the efficiency in creating and managing Big Data for customers. In addition, DocEye helps customers save costs from 50 to 80% compared to manual input methods.

This technology also helps extract information automatically without forms, documents limits such as: records documents, diagrams, photos, identity cards, red books, …. Technology integrating smart technology such as machine learning mechanism, AI, IoT,… to help technology constantly update and improve accuracy for separate customer operations.

DocEye intelligent document management software operates under multi-layer security mechanism, ensure information security according to ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 and ISO 9001: 2015 quality management standards. Customers can share documents unlimited time and place quickly and easily without worrying about information security.

DocEye intelligent document management software has been deployed on hundreds of large and small customers nationwide and internationally such as: Ministry of Home Affairs; Ministry of Finance; Ministry of Public Security; Ministry of Natural

Resources and Environment; Government Office; Ministry of Labor, War invalids and Social Affairs; Ethnic Committee; Ministry of Justice; Ha Noi Department of Planning and Architecture; Ha Noi Department of Planning and Investment; Ho Chi Minh Department of Planning and Investment; Ministry of Transport; FPT; Honda Vietnam; Citicom;…

Sharing at the ceremony, Mr. Cao Hoang Anh – FSI Deputy General Director said: “FSI is honored to receive this award. FSI will continue to try and make more efforts to gain more success in the future. At the same time, bringing the best benefits to customers in particular and devoting to the development of the field of digital transformation in Vietnam in general.”

FSI is a top business in the field of digital transformation in Vietnam, “The measure of FSI’s success is customer trust and community recognition” That is what FSI always considers and takes as a benchmark to evaluate its success. VietNam Digital Award 2019 is considered an affirmation of FSI’s recent efforts, show the strong rise of a leading digital transformation business, bringing the best values ​​and benefits to customers.

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