FSI, Vietnam’s leading digital transformation enterprise, continues to receive the Vietnam Gold Star Award, breaking through growth during the pandemic.

The ceremony of the Vietnam Gold Star Award 2021 lived on VTV6 at 19:30, 3 30, 2022, at the Vietnam National Convention Center, honoring many units with outstanding contributions to building Vietnamese brands representatively. FSI was again observed in the Top 200 Vietnamese Gold Star enterprises with this prestigious award.

Vietnam Gold Star Award Ceremony 2021. Vietnam Gold Star Award is the recognition and motivation for FSI to continue pioneering innovation in the IT field.

Vietnam Gold Star – Noble and prestigious award of the business community

Vietnam Gold Star is a traditional and noble award for Vietnamese businesses with a tradition of 18 years (2003 – 2021), which helps to affirm and enhance the company’s position and is organized by the Central Vietnam Young Entrepreneurs Association. It aims to find businesses with specific brands with the best competitiveness and contribute to the development of the region and the country.

The Vietnam Gold Star Award 2021 ceremony was held at the Vietnam National Convention Center at 19:30 on 3 30, 2022, with leaders of departments and ministries, Representatives of businesses, and many press agencies.

In addition to the traditional criteria for each year, such as indicators of capital, revenue, profit, achievements, and human resources, the Vietnam Gold Star Award 2021 has many innovations in structure and criteria. The Organizing Committee is based on the actual situation of the Vietnamese market and socio-economic status in 2021, thereby prioritizing targets on business, innovative technology, the application of digital technology in management and business administration activities, and the ability to overcome negative impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic.

FSI keep breaking out in growth despite the raging pandemic

With more than 300 official employees and four operations in Hanoi, Da Nang, Can Tho, and Ho Chi Minh, FSI will be the leading digital transformation solution provider in Vietnam by 2021. FSI brings comprehensive development orientation in scale, quality, and research emphasis, mastering digitalization and digital transformation technologies to save time and money, increase customer working efficiency, and expand competitive potential.

At this participation, FSI was voted by a panel of businessmen, managers, audit units, and representatives of press agencies. The examiners highly appreciated the robust technology infrastructure and experienced staff, with many achievements in researching and developing innovative technology products and solutions to solve practical digitization and digital transformation problems for businesses.

Specific resolutions that are highly admired in this competition of FSI can be mentioned as WEONE Business Automation System, V-IONE Voice-to-Text Software, I-ONE Automatic Identification and Information extraction technology, and so on. Solutions that integrate many modern 4.0 technologies ensure information security standards ISO/IEC 27001:2013, quality management standards ISO 9001:2015, to help businesses reduce a lot of effort, time, and money, optimize work processes and increase employee productivity, thereby quickly recovering and developing after the COVID pandemic.

FSI’s digital transformation ecosystem includes the most optimal and quality products, helping to solve technical problems of units and businesses.

Despite the difficulties of Covid-19, in 2021, FSI still maintains its growth rate when reaching the Top 10 prestigious technology companies awarded by Vietnam Report Joint Stock Company (Vietnam Report). Concurrently, FSI also achieves many great prizes such as Top 10 Vietnamese ICT Enterprises; FAST500 ranking – Top 500 fastest growing enterprises in Vietnam in 2022; Excellent Digital Transformation Enterprise; Certificate of Merit from the Minister of Information and Communications for the outstanding achievements in contributing to the development of Vietnam’s information technology domain… and continue to become a reliable partner of many large enterprises and organizations.

Not only acquiring impressive sales and award achievements, but FSI is also always interested in developing internal human resource activities, improving material and spiritual life, thereby increasing the working experience of employees in the company. FSI also aims to accomplish social responsibility through charity, sponsorship, and donation activities throughout the provinces and cities across the country.

Mr. Cao Hoang Anh – Deputy General Director of FSI received the award of Top 200 Vietnamese Gold Stars and speak at the Award Ceremony

Speaking at the Vietnam Gold Star Award Ceremony, Mr. Cao Hoang Anh, Deputy General Director of FSI Company, commented on the year 2021 of FSI: “The Covid-19 pandemic has made businesses realize the importance of shareholders. However, more than 80% of businesses still struggle to know how to approach digital transformation. With the mission of creating new technology solutions to help businesses and organizations improve their competitiveness, the solutions offered by FSI always follow the reality of customers and solve that problem simply and efficiently, most cost-effective. Therefore, FSI’s solutions have gained the trust of many partners and customers and helped FSI grow strongly even during the epidemic season.”

The award is once again recognized for FSI’s efforts in the solid and synchronous application of information technology systems, effectively serving the Company’s management and production activities and business. In the coming time, FSI will continue to invest in research and development of technology products, services, and software for digital transformation; to consolidate its strong position “By 2023, to become the Top 10 Digital Transformation solution provider in Southeast Asia.”

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