FSI was honored in the Top 50 leading IT enterprises in Vietnam and Top 10 enterprises with typical technology capability 4.0

On 10 22, 2019, Vietnam Association of Software and Information Technology Services (VINASA) has just announced the list of “50 + 10 Vietnam’s leading IT Enterprises 2019”. FSI was honored to be voted in Top 50 leading IT enterprises in Vietnam and Top 10 pioneering enterprises in technology application of Industry 4.0.

The top 50 + 10 leading IT enterprises in Vietnam is a prestigious award voted by Vietnam Software and IT Services Association (VINASA). In 2019, the program continues to receive much attention from businesses and specialized agencies.

Experiencing rigorous and rigorous evaluation rounds with specific criteria such as revenue, technology used, investment in building new technology capacity and participating in digital transformation process, economic efficiency bring social, community, … FSI – The leading digital transformation solution provider in Vietnam is honored to be one of 50 IT enterprises receiving the award of “Top 50 leading IT enterprises in Vietnam 2019”. with other names in the technology village such as Viettel, FPT, Mobifone, VNPT, MISA, VNEXT, TMA, GMO-Z.com system, DMSPRO, …

Entering into digitalization and digital transformation market since 2007, when the concepts of digitalization and digital transformation are still new in Vietnam, FSI has pioneered the research and development of new digital technologies. serving digital transformation such as big data (Big Data), natural language processing technology, machine learning mechanism, cloud computing, IoT … At the same time, FSI has quickly
invested in resources. human resources and associated with many large units possessing strong technology platforms such as NTT Data, Microsoft, … to build digital transformation solutions bearing Vietnamese brand.

Therefore, coming to this contest, FSI is highly appreciated by its leading strength in the fields of providing digital solution, digital conversion, system integration and manufacturing digitalization software. digital transformation work for countries and businesses. At the same time, is an IT unit with many great awards such as: Vietnam Golden Star 2018, the top fastest growing software enterprise in Vietnam 2017, in 3 consecutive years to win the top 50 leading IT enterprises in Vietnam 2016-2018 , … with an impressive stable annual revenue growth of over 50%.

Typical 4.0 technology solutions FSI is implementing

Digitization solution to create intelligent database D-IONE: Built according to ISO / IEC 27001: 2015 information security standard with Barcode, QR Code technology, identification and information extraction technology automatically, handwriting recognition, character recognition helps organizations: Digitize creating databases (databases) save up to 50% of deployment costs, 80% of time and resources compared to Digitalization methods create a traditional database, while improving the safety, accuracy and security of information.

IONE automatic identification and information extraction technology: Building on core technologies: OCR, OMR, ICR, ADRT, … to help automatically identify information automatically> 95% to support database creation Big Data (Big Data) becomes simple. IONE integrates many intelligent technologies such as natural language processing
technology to automatically extract information (Auto Extract Information), machine learning mechanism (Machine learning), deep learning (Deep Learning), AI, IoT, … help improve accuracy for individual customer businesses.

DocEye database management software: DocEye integrates modern identification technologies to manage the organization’s digital data professionally, saving time searching, searching and supporting information. unit in decision making. Besides,

DocEye integrates more process creation – procedures, statistical reporting, helps businesses operate and manage work on the same platform conveniently. At the same time, DocEye is also easy to integrate with the organization’s available system software, to create a data management, interoperability and synchronization business.

With the FSI solutions being focused on research, the Organizing Committee highly appreciated it for the practical and effective application that the solution brings to customers during the implementation process. Along with the list of> 500 customers who have been used from state ministries to multinational enterprises such as Honda, Pepsi, Casablanca … FSI has excellently been voted Top 10 enterprises with technological capacity. 4.0 typical 2019.

With this list, FSI also appeared in Publication 50 + 10 Vietnam’s leading IT Enterprises 2019, compiled in Vietnamese, English and Japanese, promoted and introduced in 100 countries and territories. earthquakes around the world. Receiving a “double” in these two awards has confirmed the successful steps of FSI in the digital transformation process. At the same time, confirming the position and prestige of FSI in the field of IT in Vietnam in the current digital era.

At the award ceremony, Mr. Vu Duy Linh – FSI Deputy General Director shared: “We are always trying our best to create the most useful platforms and products to accompany the community. Vietnamese businesses have developed breakthrough in a digital age. The FSI team is uncompromising with the goal of serving millions of businesses and reaching the Top 10 Southeast Asia Digital Solutions Provider in the coming years. ”


Điện thoại: 0976.692.163/ 0943.311.678

Website: www.fsivietnam.com.vn

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