Teambuilding “Speeding together – Breaking goals” by FSI Ho Chi Minh Branch

On 9 7, 2019, the FSI Board of Directors and all staffs of FSI Ho Chi Minh
Branch had participated in an extremely vibrant and successful training activities with the topic “Speeding up the breakthrough together” at the Tourism Area, 191 Tam Da Street, District 9, Ho Chi Minh City.

With the slogan “Speeding together – Breaking goals” the FSI branch members are ready for a training session that promises many interesting things.

American car king Henry Ford once shared: “Coming together is a start. Keeping each other is a progression. Working together is a success. ” Success in connecting and accompanying is always an important factor to help a business develop strongly and steadily.

Understanding that, FSI has promoted the implementation of training programs which combine with teambuilding to enhance the experience and creativity of each employee. With the aim of bringing new experiences to employees, relieving work pressure after stressful and tired working hours, especially helping each individual discover their own potential strengths, as well as create opportunities for members to interact, increase solidarity and improve team spirit, FSI Ho Chi Minh City Branch organized an experienced program called “Speeding up – breaking goals” on Saturday, 9 7, 2019.

“Without office” a Saturday, FSI members get a entire rest in the fresh natural space and get full power by the first challenges in teamwork training morning

Useful content and fun practical exercises in the “Teamwork skills” training to bring “fire” to all the members. With the sharing of core values ​​when building a team and ways to work together, complement each other’s strengths will help improve work efficiency. And each member understands that, in order to achieve success in work and life, in addition to their efforts, the solidarity of the collective is extremely important.

In the field of information technology is no exception. FSI is a leader unit in the field of Digital Transformation, every FSI member in a project team is an important link in the success of that project. Sharing knowledge, experience and helping each other at work will help you and everyone go further, improve the professional value.

At the end of the morning training, FSI members had lunch and rested. That afternoon was probably the most expected time and enthusiastic. The branch members conquered the challenge together through two special games is Kayak and shoot paint gun. No more initial barriers and shame, so how enthusiastic employees of FSI’s branch are at work, team building are also shown like that. Applying the knowledge gained effectively at morning training, the combination of members is extremely flexible and proactive. The “war” in the teambuilding despite full of difficulties both physically and intellectually, “elaborate” performance. Energy, bringing joy as well as improve solidarity and teamwork.

Opening for the afternoon, a series of outdoor game activities, FSI members are very excited with Kayak competition. Considered an adventure sports, FSI members are ready with a psychologically comfortable, aspiration to conquer, improve perseverance, courage and determination to unite, accompanying to face the difficulties and challenges of the FSI family.

After conquering time, even if have a winner, a losing team, but all FSI members enjoy the joy of winning in their own hearts when conquering the immense river with bumpy and difficult bends. The moments to promote team spirit definitely will helps to mount the individuals and each person to understand, thereby leading to many high results, speed up every goal whether in life or at work.

The FSI warriors look really good

The flame of enthusiasm still burning, just after a few minutes of recess, all members continue to “team up”, join the next game: Paint gun. Divided into 2 teams, each team is tasked with eliminating opponents by firing colored paint bullets at the opponent’s armor. Not only does it help the members relieve all stress, the game also helps people to

increase their judgment, quick response and creative, flexible handling of situations, physical health training and teamwork are not afraid of difficult to reach the finish line together to win.

With just a few short hours, but fun games have brought people refreshing laughter, Empathy, sharing, refuge and invisible cohesion. Every FSI member made every effort, tried their best, from in a group game as well as at work, they together overcome, together conquer the peak, since then there are the best results in each project, step by step accompanying the Company.

At the end of the training session, the Board of Directors and all FSI members summarized the achieved results, as well as taking a souvenir photos. On the return ride, the members were still joking each other, talking about what happened. Wish the members of FSI Ho Chi Minh City Brach will always be so energetic to face new challenges.

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