Solving the simple digital conversion problem, WEONE won the Sao Khue 5* award excellently

On 4 23, 2022, the ceremony to announce and cite the Sao Khue Award by the Association of Software and IT Services (VINASA) was held in Hanoi. In new software products and solutions, FSI’s WEONE has reached the Top 10 Sao Khue 2022 and is rated five stars.

Ms. Do Thu Thuy – Director of Communications – Marketing of FSI Company, received the TOP 10 Sao Khue award in 2022

FSI digital transformation products – The Sao Khue award in 2022

WEONE Enterprise Automation System Solution is a 5-star product in New software products and solutions among nearly 200 products awarded during Sao Khue season 2022.

After 18 years of organization, Sao Khue Award has honored 1,269 excellent technology platforms, services, and solutions. The award has become an effective communication, promotion, and market-oriented channel, giving wings to thousands of software brands and accompanying the development and growth of leading digital technology enterprises in Vietnam.

Products and services participating in the award need to meet the following criteria: technological excellence, efficiency, market potential, ability to meet customer needs, security, and brand reputation. The brand/organization is the owner of the registered product or service.

Sao Khue awarded 174 products this year, including 10 Top 10 prizes and 19 noble 5-Star Sao Khue awards.

Accordingly, the WEONE business automation system is a solution to help businesses simplify administrative activities, maximize working efficiency and solve complex problems in operation. By meeting the standards set by VINASA for an excellent and typical digital technology product of Vietnam, convincing the Appraisal Council with outstanding and valuable features for all organizations and businesses, WEONE has excelled in 19 products rated 5 Stars in Sao Khue.

WEONE – Solving simple digital transformation problems

WEONE is a simple and comprehensive solution for business administration and operation on one platform, helping businesses optimize management and operation efficiency. Towards leanness in control and simplicity in use, but still entirely solves business management problems such as process management, work management, and document warehouse management, WEONE is a solution suitable for all businesses from small with a few dozen people to large corporations with thousands of employees.

Overcoming more than 200 products, WEONE solution helps businesses simplify management activities and maximize working efficiency with ranked 5 *

Thanks to the WEONE application in the digital transformation process, businesses operate more streamlined and efficiently than before; personnel does not need to meet each other to solve work. Everything can be done (online) with a smartphone.

With the “Procedures” module, the system has established and managed all actual business processes digitally, digitizing the company’s procedures and forms to be checked, used, and approved signing in a simple and fast way.

In addition, WEONE helps businesses build automated workflows according to their needs with the “work management” module. According to the selected thread, jobs are automatically forwarded to the person in charge, alerting unpaid work and hot spots quickly and accurately. Real-time work update reports help managers make accurate decisions based on data. The coordination between individuals and departments becomes simple and easy, improving efficiency and saving time and costs.

With WEONE’s document warehouse management module, businesses can simplify the entire document processing process from the step of ‘digitizing documents’ to exploiting and using the software.

In addition, WEONE helps businesses save resources and easily access the digital transformation trend. Products are constantly being updated and developed to synchronize with enterprises’ digital transformation journey to assist companies in operating long-term, without headaches.

Honored to receive the 5-star Sao Khue award in 2022, WEONE is also highly appreciated by the appraisal board for its ability to easily integrate with the software businesses are using, helping to create significant changes in operation but not bring too much disturbance when going into use. This also reduces the time it takes to deploy and get used to new software and helps teams put it into practice faster.

Sharing the award ceremony, Ms. Do Thu Thuy – Communications – Marketing Director of FSI, said: “The year 2021 is a difficult year for the economy, society in general, and businesses in particular, but it also creates motivation. For FSI to perfect and develop the current WEONE product. The WEONE Business Automation System helps businesses and organizations accelerate the digital transformation process, increase productivity, save costs, make the most of resources to overcome challenges; has wide applicability in many fields.”

Ms. Do Thu Thuy – Marketing and Communication Director of FSI: “The WEONE Enterprise Automation System helps businesses and organizations accelerate the digital transformation.”

Enterprise digital transformation is a global governance trend, but it is also one of the biggest challenges facing businesses today. The Sao Khue Award for WEONE products is a testament to the effectiveness and quality of FSI’s products and encouragement and motivation for the company as a driving force for developing and creating public solutions with technology in the future.

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